The “Shadowhunters” are on the search for a way to take out Valentine this week, but they need a little help. While Jace is on weapon cleaning duty, Izzy and Clary meet the “Iron Sisters,” Simon teams up with Maia to find a missing Luke, and Alec gets an unexpected night off.

The Iron Sisters are fierce

The episode kicks off with an introduction to the Iron Sisters as we see them testing out seraph blades, though it looks more like a fight to the death at first. These women are Shadowhunters who have trained for a special position within the community.

Not only do they create the seraph blades, but they guard the Citadel, swear off outside relationships, have an angelic pond, and more.

I’ve got to mention how gorgeous of a set the Citadel is. I hope we get to see more of it, but with Cleophus’ turn at the end of the episode, that seems unlikely.

Izzy’s addicted

No surprise to the audience, but the yin fen that Aldertree has been giving Izzy to help heal her shoulder wound is actually not good for her, as she discovers during a purity test courtesy of the Iron Sisters. It’s actually made from vampire venom and it’s poisonous. Aldertree clearly knows this, though he protests later that he just wants to help Izzy. How long before someone else learns what she’s been using to dull the pain?

What is the yin fen going to cost her?

Raphael helps Simon with a problem

Last we saw Simon, he was chowing down on a rat since his blood supply had been taken from him. While he might have been doing his mother a favor in getting rid of her rodent problem, her catching him in the act didn’t do him any favors. Lucky for Simon, Raphael is a little better with his vampire abilities.

Raphael makes sure that Simon’s mother doesn’t remember the rat, but he also takes it a step further; Simon’s mother doesn’t even remember him going home. Simon’s either got to make a decision to stay away from his family or he’s got to get better at hiding the truth from them. Otherwise, his mother might end up losing all her memories of him if Raphael has anything to say about it.

Maia is a delight

Funny, smart, and with a heartbreaking past, I can’t be the only one who loves Maia. Her telling Simon the story about transforming and winding up naked and late for class was too funny, and I can’t wait to see more of her on the show.

Magnus and Alec finally get that first date

Alec has been having a rough time after killing Jocelyn under the control of a demon. Combine that guilt with the fact that his people are going to war, and he’s been in business mode pretty much since the audience met him. Magnus, in sending him an emergency message to get his attention, decides to give him a night off as the two finally get the chance to go on their first date.

In addition to the date itself being a lighter part of a tense episode, it also gives plenty of reveals to the audience -- like the fact that until now, Alec has never been in a relationship.

We get a lot of the hurdles that could be facing Alec and Magnus in the open right away, and it seems like they’re ready to take them on. If only Jace didn’t have to leave the Institute and come looking for a new roommate in the form of Magnus, their date probably would have lasted a little longer.

The truth behind the soul sword

A fail safe for Shadowhunters, the soul sword can take out anyone with demon blood. I sense trouble coming.

Cleophus has a secret

Iron Sister Cleophus is actually Luke’s sister. Interestingly, after finding out about Clary’s new rune, she kills one of her Iron Sisters as she leaves the Citadel behind. Where’s she going? We’ll find out next week, though we do see that she’s a Circle member.

The verdict and what’s next

I loved getting to spend more time with Maia and the introduction of the Iron Sisters this week. Here’s hoping next week is just as fun!

4 out of 5 stars.

Luke’s sister makes an appearance outside of the Citadel next week and no one’s sure if they can trust her. Meanwhile, Clary sees a new way to get to Valentine.