What's coming up next on “General Hospital”? Spoilers detail that Thursday's episode will focus quite a bit on action related to Carly, Sonny, Michael, and Nelle, but there are tidbits related to Elizabeth, Franco, and others coming up during the January 26 show as well.

Tensions mount as Franco's situation remains dire

Franco is being held hostage at a warehouse and while Kiki and Dillon came very close to being able to help him during Wednesday's episode, they missed the opportunity while being distracted by working on getting his phone working again.

Elizabeth has reached out to Sam for help and “General Hospital” spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Elizabeth will suggest that it's time to go to the police.

Michael and Nelle continue to grow closer to one another as Carly and Sonny work on repairing their relationship. “General Hospital” spoilers via We Love Soaps detail that Sonny will be chatting with Nelle during Thursday's show as Carly talks with Michael and urges caution on some front. There is still plenty of mystery swirling around Nelle and viewers are anxious to finally get answers. Teasers do hint that the supposed rendezvous that she had with Sonny will be revealed to others soon, but the ultimate endgame is still under wraps for now.

Alexis soon comes to a critical realization

Alexis has been struggling with her sobriety, especially in the wake of believing that she killed Tom. However, “General Hospital” spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that she will soon come to believe that she didn't kill Elizabeth's rapist after all. Sam is about to come across a key clue in the hunt for Franco and not too far down the road she will find and rescue him.

As Sam rescues Franco, “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that Elizabeth will figure out that Tom's brother Seth is the actual killer. She will cross paths with him and end up in a dangerous predicament and after being he is saved, Franco will figure out that Liz is with Seth and he'll be frantic to find her.

How does Alexis piece together that she's not responsible for Tom's death, and why did Seth kill his brother?

What comes next for Elizabeth and Franco once they are both saved and together again? “General Hospital” spoilers hint at big moments ahead and fans will be quite curious to see where things head next.