The tension between President Donald Trump and the stars in Hollywood has only increased since the inauguration. With the Academy Awards kicking off, it was only a matter of time before someone went off on the commander in chief.

The Oscars on Trump

Earlier this year at the Golden Globe awards, legendary actress Meryl Streep used her acceptance speech to deliver a strong message to Donald Trump. For nearly six minutes, Streep picked apart the moves the new administration was making, while highlighting some of the most controversial aspects of Trump's campaign for president.

Without even mentioning his name, Streep made her point, which received rave reviews and quickly went viral on social media. Streep caused such outrage, however, on the political right that Trump himself addressed the issue on Twitter, referring to her as "overrated." On Sunday night, some of the biggest names in Hollywood had a good laugh at the expense of the new commander in chief at the Academy Awards on February 26.

Kicking off the Academy Awards was host Jimmy Kimmel, who took a few shots at Donald Trump over the course of his opening monologue.

"I wanna say thank you to President Trump," Kimmel said, before noting, "remember last year when the Oscars were racist?" Moments later, Kimmel mocked Trump's previous criticism of Meryl Streep, by referring to the actress as "overrated" before reading off a list of many of her top films. As Streep stood up for a standing ovation, Kimmel complimented her on her outfit.

"Nice dress by the way, is that an Ivanka?" Kimmel sarcastically asked.

Not stopping there, Jimmy Kimmel continued to mock Donald Trump, predicting that he will be tweeting about the show during his morning bathroom break.

Not long after, Kimmel trolled the president over his recent news media ban. "If you work for CNN, the NY or LA Times, please get out. We have no use for fake news'" he said.

Moving forward

After yet another hard shot at Donald Trump during the Academy Awards, it doesn't appear that the feud will be ending anytime soon. In addition to the president, Trump supporters and the right-wing media have made their thoughts known about Hollywood, with many calling for a boycott to express their anger. In response to the alleged "liberal" Hollywood awards, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren hosted the "Snowflake Awards" on Twitter, in an attempt to troll the Oscars by trolling the most politically correct and sensitive liberals with a mock award show.