"Bates Motel" fans have wondered what Freddie Highmore will do since Season 5 filming wrapped a few weeks ago. He has spent five years of his life portraying Norman Bates, and now that the series is over, he needs a new project. TV Line reported that Freddie Highmore scored an ABC pilot called "The Good Doctor." The series creator David Shore is a television genius. You may know his name from shows like "House."

ABC pilot details

Freddie will play Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young man who has autism and is struggling with social interaction. The young doctor is very direct and honest when speaking to his patients, something that they seem to appreciate.

Before he became a doctor, the young man had a troubled childhood. He is unable to express his emotions, but he is utterly brilliant and sharp when it comes to medicine and his patients.

Shaun applies fo his first position as a young surgeon at San Jose's St Bonaventure Hospital, where his mentor and trusted friend Dr. Ira Glassman supports and guides him during his transition. David Shore wrote the script and will serve as the executive producer alongside Daniel Dae Kim ("Lost," "Hawaii Five-0").

Highmore is an underrated actor

Freddie is one of the most underrated actors on television right now. He brilliantly portrayed Norman Bates. And, he made it look easy. Now that "Bates Motel" is over, he wants another project to sink his teeth into. In addition to "The Good Doctor," A&E and "Bates Motel" show runner Kerry Ehrin booked a pilot, starring Freddie Highmore about a bank robber named Babyface Nelson.

There has not been any word on when the A&E drama will begin to film, or the title of the show.

The series is much different than "Bates Motel." His fans are excited to see him in another series. It would be a bonus if Freddie Highmore got to use his British accent in the new show.

Are you excited about his new show? Do you think he can pull off the new role?

ABC has not announced when "The Good Doctor" will debut. "Bates Motel" airs Monday nights on A&E.