It's almost time for "Bates Motel's" last season, which begins February 20th. The fans are anxious about what will happen to Norman Bates and have so many questions about how the series will end. We know a few juicy tidbits about the series finale. However, we still have so many questions.

Marion Crane survives?

Most people know that in the "Psycho" movie franchise, Marion Crane dies in the iconic shower scene. "Bates Motel" showrunners have stated they are not following the movie and only loosely base the series on the original 1960 film. On January 28, Hollywood North Buzz reported that Rihanna, the actress who was cast as Marian Crane, was on set for the filming of the series finale.

Is it possible that Marion Crane survives Norman in Season 5?

Dylan and Alex try to help Norman

The final series opens two years after Norma's death. Alex has been fighting perjury charges for lying about his relationship with Rebecca last season. Dylan built a life with Emma and could be married with a child for all we know right now. They will partner up to try to reach Norman after Alex reaches out to tell him Norma passed away in a "freak accident." Of course, Alex is the only person other than Norman that knows her death wasn't an accident, exactly.

"Bates Motel" spoilers tease that in the finale episode someone will die in a scuffle. At this point, it could be Norman, Alex, Dylan, or even Marion Crane that perishes.

The great thing about the series is that the writers are very talented, so there is little doubt that the ending will be emotional, yet satisfying.

Saying goodbye

Nestor Carbonell, the actor who plays Sheriff Alex Romero, took to Twitter to say goodbye not only to "Bates Motel" fans but to his co-stars. He stated that it has been a great five years and thanked everyone for their hard work, and the viewers for watching.

"Bates Motel" fans, who do you think dies in the final episode? Do you think Marion Crane survives her Bates Motel stay? Will Alex and Dylan convince Norman to get the help he needs?

"Bates Motel" re-opens February 20th on A&E.