A few weeks ago, Ryan Murphy teased "American Horror Story" with a clue about Season 7's theme. He implied that it would be set in modern times and would be about the 2016 election. Of course, the fans came unglued and were not sure if they wanted to see a whole season about the election.

Murphy was teasing the fans

It looks like the story about "AHS" being about the election was a tease. TV Line reported that Ryan explained that the new season would not feature Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Now, it would be difficult to have a 2016 election without these two very important people in the story, right?

'AHS' will be political

According to Ryan Murphy, the showrunner of the series, Season 7 will be political in nature but will not feature President Trump or Clinton. He clarified that he plans to recreate the 2016 election, and not base it on the actual events.

What we know so far about Season 7

Since it already came out that the season would be about the election, we can assume that Murphy will add some unknown spin to the story. He did reveal that the story will be scary, maybe the most terrifying story that he's ever told.

Murphy told TV Line, "“The themes of AHS have always been allegories. You will not see [Donald] Trump and [Hillary] Clinton as characters on the show.”

"American Horror Story" begins filming in June. Right now, Murphy is putting the finishing touches on his script and claims that no one has seen it except Sarah Paulson.

Ryan teased that even though he won't use Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as characters in his series, he thinks that Sarah Paulson would have made an excellent Kellyanne Conway.

He believes that Paulson would have liked to play someone as "entertaining" as Conway.

As for any real information on Season 7, Murphy didn't give away any spoilers. The only thing he disclosed was that he would let the "AHS" fans know the theme details before the series returns. Hopefully, this time we can figure out some details about the theme by the trailer.

"American Horror Story" will return in September to FX.