Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, he's been engaged in a war of words with the media. While Trump has targeted nearly all the major news outlets, he's offered only praise to the Fox News morning show "Fox and Friends."

Trump and the Fox

As the months and weeks counted down to Election Day over the last year, Donald Trump only increased his opposition to the news media. Often referring to journalists and reporters as "terrible" and "dishonest" people, the billionaire real estate mogul has made lashing out at the press a part of his daily routine.

In recent days, Trump has made a conscious effort to praise one news program in particular. Earlier this week on Twitter, and during a press conference on Thursday afternoon, the former host of "The Apprentice" complimented "Fox and Friends," while pointing out that that they were one of the only cable news shows worth watching. As reported by Politico, and later The Hill, on February 16, it looks like a host on the show could soon find her way into the White House.

With Donald Trump a fan of the show, "Fox and Friends" co-host Heather Nauert is in talks to join the billionaire real estate mogul in Washington, D.C.

According to the report by Politico, Nauert has been in discussion to join the administration as a spokesperson for the State Department. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would have to give his approval, but it's expected that there wouldn't be much, if any, opposition.

Heather Nauert isn't the first Fox News on-air talent to be offered a job with the administration.

Monica Crowley, former analyst for the network, was set to become the new senior director of strategic communications, but was forced to drop-out of consideration for the job after she was caught plagiarizing various print work in her past.

Current status

While Heather Nauert waits on whether or not she will have a major career change, the Donald Trump administration already includes members who have a history in the world of news media. Trump's chief strategist is Steve Bannon, the controversial former head of Breitbart News, who has been outspoken since the election, most notably labeling the press the "opposition party."