Barron Trump's dad, President Donald Trump, is speaking out about the recent uproar over a comment made by a “Saturday Night Live” writer. The writer's tweet went viral as people on both sides of the political aisle stood up and noted that the young boy should be left out of the intense political discourse currently swirling around. What did the president have to say in response to the writer's post?

'SNL' writer Katie Rich got immediate backlash

The controversial tweet came from “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich, notes CNN. During the president's inauguration, Rich posted a tweet mocking the 10-year-old son of Melania and Donald Trump, and she was hit with immediate backlash pointing out that she had gone too far and crossed a line.

Rich has been suspended indefinitely from “SNL,” a show that the president has railed against for months due to primarily to Alec Baldwin's frequent portrayal of him.

Rich has apologized for the tweet and many wonder if “Saturday Night Live” will bring her back at all. Petitions are swirling calling for her to be fired and even former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton tweeted that Barron should be allowed to be a child and not be brought into the chaotic political discourse playing out right now.

President Trump has blasted the NBC show

Until recently, the new president had not specifically addressed Rich's tweet directed at Barron. As the New York Times details, however, Trump did discuss the incident in a recent interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

President Trump responded by once again criticizing “SNL” as a failing show that is not funny, and then he noted that it is a disgrace for the show to attack his son. It is worth noting that the show itself did not attack Barron and “SNL” acted fairly swiftly in suspending Rich.

The president went on to note that Barron is a “great boy” and that all of this has not been easy on him.

The White House also released a statement noting that it has been a tradition that the children of presidents are allowed to grow up without being in the political spotlight. The White House added that they expect to see that tradition continue, although plenty of people quickly pointed out other first children who faced harsh attacks during their White House days as well.

Will “Saturday Night Live” bring Katie Rich back or is she gone for good? She has been laying low since getting blasted for the tweet and many would be surprised if “SNL” keeps her on the cast. President Donald Trump has certainly made it clear now that he will not take attacks on his son Barron Trump lightly and many will be interested to see how the young boy ultimately is treated in comparison to other kids who spent their formative years in the White House.