People across the country have joined together to protest President Donald Trump's recent executive order that places limits and holds on travelers coming in from seven countries. Protests came together quickly at airports and in cities throughout the nation to protest the immigration ban, or what some are referencing as a Muslim ban. Trump's response, however, was to take to Twitter and blame Delta Airlines among other things.

Trump tweets that Delta is why there were issues

Trump's tweet about Delta claimed that everything was going quite well with the new executive order, and he added that the big problems at the airport were caused by a computer outage Delta Airlines incurred.

He added that the protesters and Senator Chuck Schumer's tears were the other main factors in causing issues at airports around the country. The president went on to claim that only 109 people out of 325,000 travelers over the weekend were impacted by the new executive order.

As Reuters points out, Delta's computer issues occurred Sunday night, while the airport protests began just hours after the president's new executive order was signed on Friday that placed bans and limitations on people coming from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Yemen. Hundreds of lawyers headed to airports to try to help those travelers who were suddenly detained and tens of thousands of people, including many Democratic politicians like Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, and John Lewis, joined the protesters to voice their opposition to the immigration ban.

A stand against the ban leads to an Attorney General change

Multiple lawsuits have been filed across the country, and on Monday night acting Attorney General Sally Yates announced that she was banning the Department of Justice from defending these lawsuits in court. As CNN notes, Trump fired Yates within a few hours of her statement.

Trump's Twitter claim that Delta was in large part responsible for the airport chaos at the airport generated a lot of backlash, but at this point, the president and his team stand firmly behind the ban.

It is clear that this situation will continue to generate a great deal of controversy as the lawsuits progress, politicians opposed to the executive order speak up, and Trump's Twitter defenses continue.

Many suspect that the order detailing the immigration ban will eventually be struck down in court, but it seems likely that numerous twists and turns are on the way before this situation is fully resolved.