The Real Madrid football superstar recently signed up to appear in “Hayat Koprusu,” a Tv Drama about Syrian refugees, alongside Brad’s ex, Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie. The series focuses on a Syrian family who flee their home during the civil war and head to Turkey. The show will start filming in April this year and reportedly will feature many international celebs. Sky News quotes Eyup Dirlik, director of the TV show, as saying there will be appearances by Jolie, Ronaldo, and Nancy Ajram, an Arabic music star, among others.

'Hayat Koprusu' will tell the familiar story of a family of Syrian refugees

Rather appropriate and current with the situation in Syria, Dirlik explained that the show will tell the story of the refugee family’s plight and what they go through, leaving their home and trying to gain safe asylum in Turkey. The show will reportedly be filmed primarily in Gaziantep in Turkey’s Anatolia region, close to the border of Syria.

Meanwhile it was at around this time last year that Ronaldo mentioned he would be interested in getting into acting.

At the time, 32-year-old Cristiano was promoting a line of menswear and told reporters that while it wasn’t his main objective at the time, he had received some invitations. He did say that with training sessions, he didn’t have the time right then to get into acting, but did say he would keep the door open to the idea, as it is something he would like to be involved in.

Cristiano Ronaldo – future TV star with Angelina Jolie

At present there is no further information as to the roles to be played by Jolie and Ronaldo, but the subject is something that is close to the footballer’s heart. Back in December 2016, Ronaldo used Twitter to spread a message of hope for Syrian children. As reported by the Inquisitr, Cristiano stressed in the video that he and the rest of the world are fully aware of what the Syrian children are facing and suffering through, but asks them to keep up their hope, because so many people are with them in spirit.

As for Angelina Jolie, the Oscar winning actress is well known for her ongoing charity work on behalf of refugees and her international humanitarian work as a special envoy for the UN.