There has been quite a bit of debate lately about President Trump's plans to build a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico. While some do support the effort to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, many others think that a wall is about as useless as it is expensive and don't want to bother building the thing.

'The Wall' wasn't written about an actual wall

Roger Waters, the co-founder of pink floyd, has been one of those who oppose The Wall that Trump wants to build and he may just be bringing a musical masterpiece down to the border as a means of protest.

This wouldn't be the first time that Waters has taken the epic 1979 hit and played it in a symbolic way. Just eight months after the Berlin Wall fell, Waters traveled to Germany and played his music there.

Recently, while in London to promote "Pink Floyd, Their Mortal Remains," Waters opened up about the possibility of making a trip to the U.S.-Mexican border for a special concert. The art exhibit will tell the story of Pink Floyd's 50-year long career and features both artwork and memorabilia that would be of interest to hardcore Pink Floyd fans.

While promoting the new exhibit, Waters told AFB that "The Wall" is "very relevant now with Mr. Trump and all of this talk of building walls and creating as much enmity as possible between races and religions."

Pink Floyd has opposed Donald Trump before

This isn't the first time that Roger Waters has made public his opinion of Donald Trump.

Back in October, in the middle of a performance in Mexico City. Waters took aim at Trump. At the time, the current POTUS was still only the Republican candidate and many didn't even think he would win the election.

During the show, Pink Floyd was playing the song "Pigs" when a huge picture of Trump flashed on the screen behind the band with the word "charade" spelled out on it.

Other images of the current president were also projected onto the screen with the word "joker" behind him as well as another picture of Trump doing what looked like a Nazi salute.

Also in October 2016 during a concert in Indio, Calfornia, Pink Floyd performed "Another Brick In The Wall" while children came out on stage wearing anti-border slogan t-shirts.

When it comes to musicians using their music as a form of protest, Roger Waters is all for it. He believes that more musicians should be standing up for what they believe in rather than letting Donald Trump build walls and take freedoms away.

Would you head down to the U.S.-Mexican border to see Roger Waters and possibly even the rest of Pink Floyd perform a concert in protest of Donald Trump's immigration policies? Sound off in the comments section below.