danielle Bergoli is known for being on "Dr. Phil" and yelling to "cash me outside." Now she is in trouble, and it is pretty obvious that she hasn't fixed her ways. TMZ shared about how while on a plane she punched someone and ended up getting kicked off the plane. The "Cash me outside" girl had her mom along with her.

What happened with the "Cash me Outside" girl?

She was on a plane when Danielle ended up punching someone. After it all went down, Danielle, her mom, and another passenger were all taken off the plane. She is going to be appearing on "Dr.

Phil" again this week, so it is very possible that she was on the plane to get there. They were boarding a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX last night when her mom actually got into an argument with another passenger. A source said that her mom was having some issues putting her carry-on bag above her head. Her mom has on a walking cast because of an injury.

It turns out that Danielle's mom upset another passenger while this was going on."Cash me Outside" girl says that this passenger put her hands on her mom's neck and that is when things got serious, and she felt the need to punch her. This is pretty wild and ended up getting them kicked off the airplane. The woman made a citizen's arrest, and police were called.

All three were taken off the plane, but they didn't actually press any charges. It sounds like it isn't over, though. The lawyers are going to get involved and who knows what will happen from there.

So now Danielle and her mom can't even fly on Spirit Airlines. Hopefully, they found a way to get where they were going, but it won't be on that airline.

It will be interesting to see if "Dr. Phil" asks her about what went down when she is on the show with him this Friday. Everyone wants an update on how she is doing and here you go.

Are you shocked to hear that the "Cash me Outside" girl was kicked off of an airplane? Do you think that she has changed at all? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Danielle on "Dr. Phil" on Friday.