Tom Brady knows what's up! Just one day after winning the Super Bowl, TB12 took to social media to let his fans know that he'd (obviously) be attending Tuesday's rolling rally in Boston to celebrate the Patriots' incredible victory. The star quarterback recently joined Instagram and has been posting some pretty awesome pictures over the past couple of weeks -- but his latest totally made fans' day!

Brady leads Pats to amazing comeback win

Things weren't looking good for the New England Patriots during the first two quarters of SBLI. The Brady Bunch (as they are lovingly referred to back home) were down 21-0 (and then 28-3), getting straight up embarrassed by the Atlanta Falcons.

However, after Halftime (and Lady Gaga), the boys brought their A-game to the table and were able to rally. Although they never had a lead in the game, the Pats managed to beat the Falcons by 6 points thanks to an overtime touchdown scored by MVP James White -- and then it was time to celebrate!

Tom Brady dedicates win to his mom

This week, Pats fans learned that TB12's mom has been undergoing chemotherapy in a battle with cancer. After the game, Tom talked about his mother and revealed that she hadn't been able to get out to a game all season. However, she was at the Super Bowl and TB was so happy that she was able to celebrate with him.

"She’s my everything. I just love her so much," Tom said before Sunday's big game.

Coolest quarterback quote ever?

And just when you thought Tom Brady couldn't get any cooler, he took to Instagram to post the following.

"Catch me at the parade How Bout Dat."

Obviously a nod to the latest internet trend, Tom decided to use the super-popular "cash me outside how bow dah" phrase brought to the world by a girl named Danielle Bregoli who appeared on Dr.

Phil, said the above phrase, and is now famous for some reason. While TB12 didn't get the phrase down exactly how it's said, just about everyone understood what he was trying to say -- and it was a hit amongst fans; over 313,000 people have liked the Instagram post in just two hours!