Britney Spears has once again fallen victim to a major wardrobe malfunction. While performing on Wednesday, February 1st at the Axis inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Spears suffered an unfortunate nip slip wardrobe malfunction.

Britney Spears dances through nip slip!

Singing her hit song "Work," reports and video reveal that Britney was wearing a low-cut leotard costume and strutting the stage when her left breast suddenly escaped the leotard unnoticed for several seconds. Of course in today's world you know there are plenty of photos and videos popping up all over social media.

These days what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas, but goes viral.

Celebrity wardrobe malfunction occurs!

One photo appears to reveal that during the performance, one of Spears' back-up dancers may have gotten caught up with the costume, causing the Janet Jackson Super Bowl-like peep show. It took Brit a few seconds before she noticed the breeze and tucked her girl back in like a pro. This is the second "nip slip" incident that Spears has experienced in the past few months.

Ironically enough, just last October while performing "Piece of Me" Britney's top clasp gave way, giving audience members a real eyeful which she was forced to attempt to cover with her left hand during the embarrassing situation.

Years before, her full-length zipper gave way while performing. These things happen to the best of us from time to time, but, once would think that Britney's wardrobe people would be going to great lengths, or not, to make sure that the pop singer and mom's costumes are going to hold up a little better during her high-energy performances.

At least, Spears, 35, is young and gravity and age have not taken over her body yet, and things are holding up where they are supposed to. Brit is looking fit, trim, and absolutely sizzling these days, surely, some audience members did not mind the bonus show at all. Still, she handled the nip slip incident well, and does not seem to be bothered in the least with fans getting a look at the goods.