Supertramp's initial breakthrough in the "Land of the Free" was a crucial segment in their subsequent climb to global musical acclaim. They had already established a firm foothold in Britain and Europe as headliners, but to do the same in this huge land of opportunity would be no easy ride. They did, however, devise a clever gameplan. They appeared on local radio across the States and played host to phone-ins for Supertramp tickets. The band visited countless shopping malls and gave away free tickets, literally employing every tactic they could think of to fill venues countrywide.

One huge gamble. But one which paid off. Big time.

Roger Hodgson in perpetual motion

Fast forward several decades. Having been a founding member and creative force of Supertramp along with Rick Davies before leaving in 1983, Roger Hodgson and his band of wandering minstrels have been virtually in perpetual motion ever since. This year is no exception. They hit the road in South America, kick-starting their trek around the world in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 11th. Brazil plays host to several concerts, before they finish up in Rio de Janiero later in the month. They'll be allowed a few days grace before they journey across the Atlantic to take up residence in Dublin on April 30th.

Along with new material, there's no doubting Roger and crew will be bringing along a back catalogue of timeless classics.

Among them "Take the Long Way Home," "The Logical Song," and "Give a Little Bit." But whether it's old songs or new, each one is written and performed from the heart. Each one completely unique.

Onwards to Europe

The guys are set for a busy spring and summer, as they journey onwards to Europe and the final leg of their tour.

Dates are already scheduled in Birmingham, London and Amsterdam, as well as France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. After visiting Monaco, the picturesque Spanish town of Cambrils is where they'll finish on August 11th. Ticket holders are in for a memorable musical voyage that few artists can emulate with such intimacy. An intimacy and stage craft that flows through each and every performance.

Go and see this wandering musical legend and his band if you can. I was in the crowd at Seattle's Paramount Northwest during Supertramp's "Crime of the Century" tour in 1975. The memory still lives, indelibly marked for all the right reasons.