When Brad Pitt recently attended a Hollywood gathering he ran into Courteney Cox, who is Jennifer Aniston's best friend. Besides catching up on things, eyewitness reports have Brad and Courtney in quite the flirtatious mode. Some say it was Courtney who was acting like a love-struck school girl, but others say it was mutual between Pitt and Cox.

While Jennifer Aniston is happily married and has no designs on Pitt what-so-ever, she is still feeling betrayed by her best friend Cox. According to the Inquisitr, reports have Aniston upset over Courteney breaking the "girl code."

Breaking the 'girl code'

This took place at the charity event in Malibu called the Rock4EB.

Brad has been invited back into the Hollywood set's events since his pending divorce from Angelina Jolie was made public.

Eyewitnesses said that Pitt and Cox weren't bothering with too much else while at the event, they were very much into catching up with each other. Pitt did a few quest spots on "Friends," the show that made both Cox and Aniston household words. He later married Aniston, and the trio were good friends.

Best Friends

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have remained friends all these years and she was there for Jennifer during the divorce. The divorce was not easy on Aniston as all eyes were on her because of the many rumors surrounding Pitt's other woman, Angelina Jolie.

The world felt sorry for Jennifer once learning that Pitt was fancying his co-star in the "Mr.

and Mrs. Smith" movie, Angelina Jolie. The rest is history, but Aniston opened up not too long ago to say just what she went through.

Jennifer Aniston was shamed

Aniston said how her "marital status had been shamed." As time went on she was shamed for her divorce status and then later on, her lack of a mate. She was shamed for all of it.

As soon as the word of Jolie and Pitt divorcing hit the public, all eyes were back on Aniston.

Was it sweet revenge, was she basking in the pleasure of seeing the woman who broke up her marriage now without Pitt as she was? No, Jennifer Aniston wanted nothing to do with it and she refused to comment on Pitt's divorce.

Chance meeting

When Cox and Pitt had that chance meeting at the Malibu event, an eyewitness said she "acted like a smitten fan" and she "flirted with him like crazy." Most of the eyewitness reports put them in one heck of a flirtatious mood.

When Jennifer Aniston got wind of this she felt "annoyed" and "upset," reports the Inquisitr. Courtney Cox broke the "girl code" and most women out there know just how Jennifer Aniston may be feeling. She probably wouldn't care who Brad has his eye on, as it's been a long time and Jennifer is happily married. But... it has to hurt a little if it's a friend. Especially if it's a friend who knows just how much pain Pitt caused her a decade or so ago.

Remember - it's the rumor mill

If this is really the case, her angst is probably more directed at Cox than it is Brad Pitt. Out of all the men in the world does it really have to be the ex-husband of her best friend for her to flirt with? Before Cox is painted like a vixen across the social media sites, it is good to remember that this is a rumor. For all you know, the two could have just said hello to one another, although eyewitnesses report it was a little more than that!