Alright, so yeah. Last night, AMC did us a huge solid by dropping these three, new preview/spoiler clips for their upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode 11 of season 7, and they look extremely intense, especially for Eugene, because he's seen being kidnapped and taken to see Negan. There's some scenes where he's just crying his eyes out. We also got some stuff with Dwight, really getting heated when he apparently discovers that Daryl is missing. At least, that's how the clip is described. I haven't watched episode 10 yet, so I may be a little off while describing these.

Sorry about that.

He's so scared

The first clip is the basic promo clip that shows scenes from various storylines. In it, we see Eugene in some very big trouble as he's spotted all tied up. After that, we also see another one of those weird scenes that involves Negan asking Dwight who he is, and he responds by telling him he's Negan too. Next, we're shown a series of different scenes that feature more glimpses of Eugene, getting confronted by crazy Negan, and he's understandably frightened as hell! The clip caps off by showing us some more heavily violent situations.

Uh oh. Where is he?

In the second clip, we get a solo scene, which AMC has titled the "Daryl Is Missing" sneak peek. We see Dwight and company standing over a dead body.

This definitely, causes Dwight to panic as he quickly goes running off shortly afterwards to go check a room that turns out to be empty. I guess Daryl was supposed to be in that room, because Dwight expresses some heavy anger when he finds that it's empty

Fake greeting

In the 3rd clip, we see the solo scene where poor Eugene is spotted, getting delivered to the Savior's camp that is just swarming with walkers at the moment.

He's got a hood covering his head at first. However, towards the end of the clip, they finally pull it off, allowing him to see the horror that he's been taken to and to see Negan, fake greeting him with his Lucille bat. Yeah, this doesn't look good , at all, for him. Be sure to check em out, below, and stay tuned. Episode 11 is set to debut next Sunday night, February 26th at 8pm central time on AMC.