Women getting up from their seats because they didn't want to sit next to Tiffany Trump at a fashion show doesn't offer a look at how deep the resentment for Donald Trump goes today, it offers a look at the epitome of ignorance. When Whoopi Goldberg got wind of Tiffany's snub at New York's Fashion Week, she said that she would sit with Tiffany at another show this week. Whoopi gave a shout-out to Tiffany during Thursday's airing of "The View."

Epitome of fashion meets epitome of ignorance?

Tiffany tweeted back that she would love to sit with Whoopi and she thanked her for her kindness.

Whoopi's invite to Tiffany might be surprising to some folks, considering that Whoopi is not a fan of Donald Trump, but it shouldn't be.

Whoopi talks up

Whoopi doesn't want to talk politics and she surmises that Tiffany doesn't, either. The women are at New York Fashion Week for one purpose and that is to take in the newest fashion. This is where Whoopi differs from many of the hardcore Trump protesters. Tiffany Trump's father is Donald Trump and it is his politics, not Tiffany's, that these people don't agree with. Why would anyone want to snub and hurt a young woman who did nothing to them, or the nation?

A picture that circulated online showed some empty seats next to Tiffany and some fashion editors reported the snub via tweets.

Why would anyone want to post this incident to social media and broadcast this embarrassing incident of a young woman minding her own business?

Adds insult to injury

According to CNN News, a former Wall Street columnist posted the picture and wrote how no one wanted to sit near Tiffany Trump. She also put in her caption that people got up because they didn't want to sit near Trump's daughter and now there are two empty seats.

News worthy?

Christina Binkley was questioned about her reason behind posting this tweet. She said to CNN in an email that she thought it would make a good story because it showed how the tension rising over Donald Trump is now affecting the Trump family.

Binkley's tweet just added insult to injury for the youngest Trump daughter.

It was bad enough that she had to live through it, but now it is front page news. There were a few other fashion editors who also tweeted about Tiffany Trump being snubbed. According to CNN, one of the editors has since deleted their post.