Super Bowl LI will be played in Houston, Texas between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017. The big game promises some of the most outrageous advertisements in football's history, and of course, Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated halftime performance. Marketers spend large amounts of money on a 30-second spot for the opportunity to grab the attention of about 115 million viewers. For game fans and non-football enthusiasts, the Super Bowl is a must-see experience, to find out which commercials everyone is going to be talking about on Monday morning.

Big game commercial season has officially started

Companies spent months planning, dedicated to creating an ad that will stand out on Game Day. To grab more observers at Houston’s NRG Stadium on Sunday, Some advertisers are going to wait to release their commercial during the game, others have a different idea and will make their ads available to see before kickoff -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is going to appear in Intel's 30-second clip on game day showing the company's new "360-degree replay technology" while he gets ready in the morning. And many of the other advertisers have already released the promotion they’ll run on February 5th. The goal is to make the commercial go viral and have people talking about it for a long time.

Sky's the limit for the budget

Each year, as Game Day approaches, millions of dollars are spent, and companies will pay for celebrities, movie mockery, little old ladies, and cute animals. The New York Times reported that advertisers paid an average cost of over $5 million to get their 30-second spot on Super Bowl Sunday. Companies like Wix, Budweiser, Kia, Skittles, and Snickers have already announced that they bought ad time this year.

Mercedes-Benz invested in Oscar-winning directors the Coen Brothers for the 60-second Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster ad, in which Hollywood legend Peter Fonda addresses what happens when a driver’s car gets blocked in at a bar.

Some Super Bowl ads are complete duds, others are interesting, but the great ones stick with us for years. Those are the commercials that fans can watch over and over again.