Donald Trump wasn't at the Golden Globe Awards last night, but he was the star of the show thanks to Meryl Streep. She made it very clear that she was not a Trump fan as she took to the podium after she was handed her award.

Trump hopped on Twitter a little after 6 a.m. on Monday and while many were at home having their first cup of coffee, he attempted to put Streep in her place. Later in the morning Trump's top adviser appeared on 'Fox and Friends' and she called out Streep about her agenda when conveying her thoughts on the disabled reporter Trump was once accused of mocking.

Trump's early morning tweets

Trump's tweets continued as the clock rounded the 7 a.m. hour after he had enough time to mull over what Streep had said about him in her speech. Streep used the time she was allotted for her speech after she was handed the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award to lay out a disturbing picture of Trump and the room full of celebrities loved it.

Streep never once had the name Donald Trump pass her lips, but it was obvious to the room full of Hollywood elites and those viewers at home who she had in her scope. Streep conveyed how deeply disturbed she was over Trump's alleged mocking of the New York Times reporter during one of his campaign rallies.

Shut out to the media

So far Trump has offered up three tweets Monday morning over Streep's speech.

There's no doubt Trump will take to Twitter again today, but will he continue his thoughts on Meryl Streep or move on with other business? Only time will tell. Streep also gave a shout out to the press in her speech last night asking them to hold Trump accountable around every corner. Us Magazine calls Steep's speech "powerful."

'Fox and Friends'

Streep claimed that the celebrities will play a part for the media -- they will make sure the press has their say.

While Trump demonstrated his fury in just a few lines via his tweet, Kellyanne Conway, Trump's top adviser, went on "Fox and Friends" Monday morning and she talked about Streep's speech. She made her point, along with calling out Meryl Streep.

People with disabilities

Conway tells the folks on the curvy couch that instead of going after Trump, there was a different point to be made when it comes to people with disabilities.

Kellyanne conveys if Streep was truly advocating for people with disabilities, that horrific event that occurred last week, which was streamed live on Facebook, was something she should have condemned to the masses.

Four young adults made a disabled young man drink from the toilet and they cut his scalp, putting cigarette ashes in the wound. They kicked and beat the man in a video that was so disturbing, many could not watch the entire event. This is an event that needed to be condemned over and over again, yet Streep passed it by in lieu of rehashing accusations made about Donald Trump, which Kellyanne pointed out.