"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings reveal that it will be a big week in Salem. Many characters are returning home this week, and they are all fan favorites. According to Soap Hub, four former Salem residents are set to make appearances this week. The characters of Anna DiMera, Belle Black-Brady, Carrie Brady-Reed, and Austin Reed are all coming home, and it should stir up some big drama.

Anna DiMera makes her way back to Salem, but why?

According to the report, actress Leann Hunley will reprise her role as Anna DiMera, the widow of Tony DiMera.

Anna, who is Roman Brady's ex, and Carrie Brady's mother, will first be seen on "Days of Our Lives" on Monday. The last time "DOOL" fans saw Anna was back in 2010. Meanwhile, John and Marlena's daughter, Belle, will also return. Actress Martha Madison confirmed her return on Twitter, as it seems Belle will return from China to reunite with her husband, Shawn, and her daughter, Claire.

Carrie and Austin finally return home

"Days of Our Lives" viewers are also excited to finally see the characters of Carrie Brady and Austin Reed yet again. Actress Christie Clark is back to reprise the role of Carrie. She was last seen on the soap back in July of 2012 when she learned that she was pregnant and decided to leave Salem with her husband, Austin, to get their marriage back on track.

During that storyline, the role of Austin Reed was played by actor Patrick Muldoon. This time around, when Austin returns to Salem with his wife Carrie, fan favorite actor Austin Peck will be back in the role. Peck hasn't been seen on the NBC soap since 2006. His first airdate will be Wednesday.

Is 'Days of Our Lives' on the verge of being canceled?

The announcement of the former fan favorite characters returning to Salem comes at the perfect time. Last week, "Days of Our Lives" fans heard rumblings that the long-running soap opera was in real danger of being canceled by NBC, likely to make room for news anchor Megyn Kelly to have multiple opportunities for shows on the network. "DOOL" fans began to immediately voice their displeasure at the possibility of a cancellation, but it appears that show's days could be numbered.