Donald Trump was livid today when he took to Twitter to lambaste "Meet the Press" after leaving nine minutes of Kellyanne Conway's 10-minute interview on the cutting room floor. He called them out as the "dishonest media" and made sure to let folks know that Kellyanne had much more to say, but they weren't going to hear it because they only aired what they wanted you to hear.

Kellyanne Conway holds her own!

Kellyanne was Trump's campaign manager and now she is one of his top advisers. She appeared on "Meet the Press" for an interview with Chuck Todd and it got a bit heated.

Kellyanne clashed with Todd as he pushed her on the Russian hacking allegations. Kelly told him that whatever was done had no bearing on the election. She told them they "did not succeed in throwing the election to Trump."

Trump's top adviser sternly ripped into Todd saying there's "no evidence that Russia succeeded in any alleged attempt to disrupt our democracy or in fact to influence the election results." She got Todd's gander up when she went at him, conveying that "respectfully" he didn't need to look any further than the mainstream media when talking about attempts at throwing the election Hillary Clinton's way.

Todd protects the media

You could hear the proverbial brakes screech when he said, "Wait a minute, let's not conflate the crutch of always trying to attack the media." Trump was already peeved about NBC having a copy of the Russian hacking report from the intelligent community before he got it.

Trump won the election

Kellyanne was quick on her feet, as she told Todd that Trump "ran on America first" and won, reports USA Today. He did this by gaining the trust of the voters.

A foreign country had no influence on who the next president of the United States was going to be, Kellyanne said to Todd.

Relationship with Russia

Trump spent a snowy Saturday afternoon tweeting about his intentions of attempting to build a relationship with Russia. He also said that anyone who believes that having a decent relationship with Russia is a "bad" thing, that these people are "stupid" or "fools." Kellyanne was much more diplomatic in getting her point across on "Meet the Press," but she certainly made her point.