MTV’s “Sweet/Vicious” is on a creative roll in its debut season, and if you’re like me, you just can’t wait to see what happens next. I’ve already had the chance to screen episode seven called “Heartbreaker,” and I’ve got five things you can expect to see in the next chapter.

Ophelia and Harris celebrate

The duo are celebrating a special occasion in this episode and with Jules now living with Ophelia, she gets to tag along -- whether she really wants to or not. Harris is normally seen as the straight-laced counterpart to Ophelia, but this episode proves that he’s down to party just as much as she is.

In fact, he really holds his own during “Edward Forty Hands” and other games.

Jules cuts loose

Ophelia and Harris aren’t the only ones partying it up. Jules decides she wants to have a little fun, like she used to, much to Ophelia’s surprise. Eliza Bennet has already proven to us how fantastic she is when Jules is vulnerable and angry, but she gets to show off another side of her here, and it’s great. It involves sour gummy worms, singing, dancing, and a lot of alcohol.

Harris makes a big decision

We all know Harris has been investigating the possibility of a vigilante on campus, and his article is about to go live in the campus law journal. When something about his article surprises Harris though, he takes matters into his own hands.

The decision he makes will have at least one major consequence for him, and possibly more to come.

There is a trigger warning ahead of this episode

A few of the episodes of “Sweet/Vicious” so far have featured Eliza Bennet reading a warning ahead of them to let audiences know there is mature subject matter involved or that sexual assault is depicted onscreen.

This one is no exception, and this time, the subject matter involves the lead actress herself. The episode flashes back throughout the hour to the night Jules was assaulted by Nate. If you didn’t hate Nate before this episode, look out, because there’s no going back.

Jules goes to a dark place

Despite Jules trying to embrace a care-free party attitude, her good time is ruined at one point in the present day storyline, and she is ready to head to a very dark place to get it back.

It’s Ophelia who realizes what she’s about to do and manages to reign her in, if only slightly. By the end of the episode, there’s an edge to Jules that she’s been pushing down throughout the series so far, which promises the possibility of even darker things to come.

You can catch “Sweet/Vicious” on Tuesdays at 10PM on MTV. If you still need to catch up on past episodes, MTV has made the show available on its website and app.