On Tuesday morning in Washington, D.C., Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions began his confirmation hearing to become the new Attorney General. As the hearing was underway, the hosts on "The View" voiced their concern.

"The View" on Sessions

When Donald Trump decided to nominated Sen. Jeff Sessions to become his future Attorney General, it was only a matter of time before the backlash followed. Sessions has long been accused of being a racist due his controversial past in handling race relations. Sessions' controversy with racial matters was such a major issue that it prevented him from becoming the U.S.

District Judge for the Southern District of Alabama after being nominated by Ronald Reagan in 1986. As Sessions was taking part in his confirmation hearing on Tuesday, "The View" voiced their feelings on January 10.

As the panel of hosts on "The View" addressed the issue of Jeff Sessions, it was the most conservative who gave the strongest opposition. Jedediah Bila, the noted conservative on the show, made a passionate plea for Republicans to vote against Sessions as the new Attorney General.

"I'd like to make a plea to Republicans to oppose this choice," Bila said, before adding, "this is a man who has opposed criminal justice reform." "You have young African-Americans, who are non-violent offenders, who are put in jail and disproportionately effects them for long periods of time," Bila noted.

Bila then called on Sen.

Rand Paul, who has long championed criminal justice reform, to stand up and lead the charge of opposition against Jeff Sessions. "Stand up for what the Republican party should mean," Bila said. Co-host Sonny Hostin also chimed in, noting that "To be confirmed, he (Sessions) needs a 51 majority vote, there are 52 Republican seats in the Senate." "You can call your senators, and say 'I do not support this nomination and if you vote for this person, I won't vote for you,'" Hostin said.

"The View" Conclusion

Jedediah Bila went on to hit Jeff Sessions again, stating, "You can find someone who upholds the Constitution of the United States and is not like this." In conclusion, fellow "The View" co-host Joy Behar went on to say, "Do you wanna take bets that he will be confirmed? I bet he will be confirmed."