The phrase “We are all Negan” has never made this much sense in "The Walking Dead." On AMC’s series, Daryl (Norman Reedus) may have refused to say that his name was Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), not gaining the trust of the leader of the Saviors, but it looks like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) will not be doing the same on the comics.

New covers

Issue 163 of "TWD" comics received two alternative covers (one in color and the other in black and white) that show Rick wearing Negan’s jacket and holding Lucille.

Could this mean that the leader of Alexandria will take over Negan’s role?

Or could it be a metaphor, indicating another alliance between them? Or even that Rick will actually join the Saviors? It’s worth mentioning that previously on Robert Kirkman’s comics, Negan managed to use Rick’s leadership over the people of Alexandria to join forces against the Whisperers.

Lucille's Fate

The only problem with Rick adopting Negan’s role and outfit is that, on the last issues of the comics — where the storyline is far more advanced than the series — Lucille, the bat that is responsible for so many bloody deaths, broke, and Negan buried it, in tribute to his deceased wife who was called Lucille and inspired the weapon’s name.

Should we take this seriously?

It’s true that the covers rarely represent real events of the issue, but they give clues about what may occur.

And sometimes they have a direct link to AMC’s TV series, which so far has been practically following the source material.

However, if the cover with Rick dressed as Negan is not directly connected to the events of issue 163, the image could be giving some insight on what’s to come on the comics or the series. On the first half season seven, we saw Negan forcing Rick to carry Lucille, in order to prove his control over the head of Alexandria.

Could this be a glimpse of the future and, at some point, Rick himself will start carrying the bat around? Can you imagine?

We’ll just have to wait and see. Season seven of "The Walking Dead" returns on February 12. In Brazil, the series can be seen on Fox.