Even before the Golden Globes concluded, social media was in a frenzy after Meryl Streep used her acceptance speech to spend nearly six minutes attacking Donald Trump, and doing so without even mentioning his name. While Streep was still speaking, conservative firebrand and social media star, Tomi Lahren, unleashed her anger on Twitter, and followed it up with a video on Monday night.

Tomi on Meryl

The 74th Golden Globes kicked off with a shot at Donald Trump, as host Jimmy Fallon made not one, but two humorous jabs at the president-elect. Throughout the night, various award winners made comments about the billionaire real estate mogul, including actor Hugh Laurie.

However, it was Meryl Streep who stole the show, silencing everyone in the audience and commanding their full at attention as she went after various aspects of Trump's character and what he will bring to the White House. As seen on her offical Facebook page on January 9, Tomi Lahren was extremely critical of Streep during her "Final Thoughts" segment for Blaze TV.

"Last night, Meryl Streep stood in front of a theater full of rich, Hollywood liberals and demonstrated just how out of touch Hollywood is with the rest of the country," Tomi Lahren said to open her rant, while adding, "She also validated our reason for voting for Donald Trump and reminded us just how important the Electoral College really is." Lahren went on to defend the Electoral College, which Trump won in the election, despite losing the popular vote by nearly three million votes to Hillary Clinton.

Lahren then attacked Meryl Street for being critical of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Football. "Without the Electoral College, people like Meryl Streep and the rest of the Hollywood elite would have a stranglehold on the rest of the country," Lahren said, while labeling the "rest of the country" as football and MMA fans.

Lahren continued her smear of Streep and Hollywood, mocking them for claiming they are in touch with middle class Americans while being millionaires themselves.

Tomi crashes and closes

The popular right-wing social media star didn't stop there, as she then accused Meryl Streep a being hypocrite for saying the press should "safe guard the truth" in regards to Donald Trump.

"Safe guarding the truth, Meryl?" Tomi Lahren said of Streep's support of Clinton, who the Blaze host referred to as "the most dishonest, lying sack of crap in electoral history." Lahren concluded her comments in similar fashion, as the political divide in the United States continues to widen.