The People’s Choice Awards gave some awards to a group of TV shows in various genres and from different platforms, for which we made certain predictions. So how did the judgment of the people stand up to what we said it should be?

The best TV show overall was “Outlander,” instead of our pick, “The Big Bang Theory.” The sting of not getting that one right was soothed by the fact that the selection is great television.

The best TV comedy show, however, was “The Big Bang Theory,” that long-running show about science geeks and the women who love them, which we got right.

The best TV drama show was “Grey’s Anatomy” rather than “Empire.” We have no comment on that one because we are not a regular viewer of either.

The best TV cable comedy was something called “Baby Daddy.” Since we judged this one to be a dealer’s choice, we can safely move on.

The best TV cable drama was “Bates Motel,” the sequel series to the classic Hitchcock movie “Psycho,” instead of “The Americans,” which is a puzzlement. Who could not vote for our favorite Soviet spies, calling themselves Philip and Elizabeth?

The best TV crime drama was the venerable “Criminal Minds,” instead of “The Blacklist.” To be sure the winner is an old favorite, which has suffered from sudden cast changes over the years due to backstage drama.

The award for best premium drama series went to “Orange is the New Black,” rather than “House of Cards,” meaning that people liked watching a show about people who are in jail rather than one about people who should be there.

The best premium comedy series was a retread called “Fuller House” rather than the snarky, funny “Veep.” No accounting for taste over nostalgia, one supposes.

The best network sci-fi/fantasy series was “Supernatural” instead of “Once Upon a Time.” Why we will never know.

“The Walking Dead” won the award for best cable sci-fi/fantasy series, a rare case in which the people agreed with your humble correspondent.

We scored a hit again when the best premium sci-fi/fantasy show went to “Outlander,” the time-traveling romance set mostly in 18th Century Scotland and France.

Unexpectedly the award for best competition TV series went to “The Voice” rather than the more deserving “Masterchef.”

The best animated tv show was awarded to “The Simpsons,” which hasn’t been all that funny for decades, rather than “South Park,” which will be funny well into the next century.

The best new TV comedy award went to “Man with a Plan” instead of “Son of Zorn.”

Finally, the best new TV drama award was handed to “This is Us,” which if one believes the trailers is an overwrought TV show about feelings instead of “Timeless,” the excellent time travel mystery.

So, did we fall short as a predictor or does the public lack discernment in what makes great television? You be the judge.