The People’s Choice Awards handed out some awards to a group of Movies, most of them in genre categories, for which we made certain predictions. So how did we do?

For best movie, the award went to “Finding Dory,” a family-friendly animated feature. We had predicted that the snarky Marvel Comics superhero feature “Deadpool” would walk away with the prize.

We did better in the category of the best action movie in which the populace choose “Deadpool.” We had suggested that the prize was a tossup between this film and “Captain America: Civil War.”

The best comedy movie was “Bad Moms,” which was too bad because while we had judged the category to be a tossup, we suggested that last year’s epic flop, the all-female “Ghostbusters” might get a sympathy vote.

The best drama movie award went to “Me Before You,” which denied us the pleasure of hearing the secular yelps had “Miracles from Heaven” had won instead.

The best family movie was also the overall best film winner “Finding Dory,” instead of our choice, “The Jungle Book.” It looks like animation was popular this year.

The best thriller movie was “Girl on a Train,” which sounded somewhat Hitchcockian, instead of our favorite, “Purge Election Day.” It looks like audiences were not inclined to work out their issues concerning the recent election of Donald Trump.

What can we discern from the list of winners as opposed to the list of predictions? The first is that this writer is not superb as a predictor of public opinion, having gotten one category, that of action movie, correct.

On the other hand, maybe the results have more to say about the paucity of public taste.

“Deadpool,” by the way, is on the list of possible movies to get at least a nomination for best picture in the Academy Awards. Considering the number of movies that Marvel Comics has inspired over the last few years, one could only suppose it was only a matter of time before someone found one of them to be artistic as well as exciting. “Deadpool” won’t win, of course. “Hidden Figures” will if there is any justice.