"The Magicians" season 2 is just a few days away. Syfy announced that the episode 1 - "Knight of Crowns" will air on 25 January 2017. Syfy put out a press release to enchant us with anticipation, saying that Quentin and the gang would be "thrust" into some hectic situations that will be in "even more dangerous and unfamiliar territory." There is a huge threat which could "destroy the magical world itself."

The scene looks to be set a different timeline than in the books, but then anything is possible in magic land, and Quentin (played by Jason Ralph) runs into trouble straight away when you watch the first show teaser that Syfy posted up on Youtube.

There he is running through the forest screaming for help and he runs into the witch who lives in a "Candy House," and who "enjoys" gardening" amongst other things. He ends up giving a vial of his blood to her. Now everyone knows that in a place where a name has power, bloody probably has a lot more - so can anything good come of this? Blood must have incredible binding magic power. But, people are in danger, and the magic might be dying so I guess you do what you have to do and in exchange for help from the witch Quentin has no gold to trade - so blood it is!

Watch the first scene teaser on Syfy here

Spoilers may be ahead - warning.

Are Elliot, Margo, and Alice dead in this season?

So far there is some speculation that Elliot, Margo, and Alice might be dead.

it is not safe to just say that if you read the books you will know this. Things change around a bit in Fillory which is a pretty weird place most of the time and the Tv series is not always identical to the books. Anyway, Margo is back and you can see this in the Syfy season 2 preview.

What the fans are saying about 'The Magicians' season 2 on Twitter

Before we get into what the fans are saying, let's tale a look at the latest trailer of "The Magicians." Syfy explains that the second season is about the aftermath of their clash with The Beast. This time around, "Quentin and his friends scramble for a new plan; Julia and The Beast strike a dangerous deal."

Now, onto the excited fans who just cannot get enough of Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy and the weird world of Fillory.

It is just 4 days away from the first episode of season 2 of "The magicians." Hopefully, it will be every bit as entertaining as the last season - which left us with a cliffhanger that will surely have a hangover spillover in the new series.