Kendall Jenner is giving Bella Hadid support after the shocking news that Selena Gomez is involved in a flirty fling with The Weeknd, who is Bella's former boyfriend. As Selena moves on from Justin Bieber with her new boyfriend, Hadid is finding comfort in pals like Kendall, as well as family, according to E News.

Bella Hadid seems to have restored her usually perky mood, thanks to friends and family members such as sister Gigi Hadid. But it was reported that it initially hit her hard when she learned that her former boyfriend The Weekend had chosen Selena Gomez as his rebound romance.

Selena Gomez seen kissing The Weeknd

A few days after photos of Selena Gomez kissing Bella Hadid's ex boyfriend went viral, Bella was photographed by paparazzi, and questioned about how she was doing. Initially Bella responded with "great," but she then flipped the bird to the group of photographers. However, Bella Hadid subsequently was spotted with her sister Gigi and mom Yolanda Hadid. Yolanda turned to Instagram to celebrate their close bond, writing, "Now that was funny.......... #GirlsNight #ThreeMusketeers #Together #AlwaysAndForever."

Kendall Jenner shows support for 'bitter' Bella

In addition to her mom and sister, Bella has been enjoying spending time with Kendall Jenner, her fellow 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show model.

Just as Yolanda did, Kendall turned to social media to flaunt their fun. Unfortunately, there was one performer who made it awkward, and that was The Weeknd. It's not known if he and Bella reunited there.

An insider revealed that Bella Hadid still is "not over The Weeknd." Despite being on what is described as good terms, the source also said that Bella feels "bitter" about her ex-boyfriend's romance with Selena Gomez.

Gigi Hadid helps sister work on revenge body

With sister Gigi by her side, Bella Hadid turned to exercise to take out her feelings while sculpting her revenge body, according to the Daily Mail. The Hadid sisters immersed themselves in a boxing workout together in New York. And while Gigi and Bella looked fierce as they each had time working with a fitness trainer, they also took some time to laugh.

Bella was seen giggling as she toned her core muscles by climbing to the top of a huge punching bag. And it's not hard to guess just who Hadid was envisioning punching as she exercised. The Daily Mail cited a source who revealed Bella was feeling "betrayed" by Selena Gomez's new romance with The Weeknd.