Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", Liam appeared certain that Ridge would do whatever it took to get Quinn out of their lives. At home with Steffy, he encouraged her to spend the night with him, but Steffy wanted to respect Wyatt. He then shared his feeling that the allegiances between her grandfather, Quinn and Wyatt could fall apart just as suddenly as they were formed.

Katie visits Eric and Wyatt

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and his stepson have a chat. "Your mother is convinced that Steffy is gonna change her mind before the waiting period is over," Eric told Wyatt.

Suddenly, Katie showed up and heard the news that Ridge and Quinn are in San Francisco together. Eric revealed to her that he had extended an invitation to Steffy to come live with him, Quinn and Wyatt, but Katie clearly had an opinion about it, which Wyatt was eager to hear.

"Well I just don't think it's smart to pressure her into anything," she said. Katie advised that Steffy can't just forget about the part of her life that has been hijacked before she married Wyatt.

Quinn confronts Ridge

In a confrontation, Ridge blatantly admitted that he would do whatever he can to get her away from his father, even if it meant getting her into bed, no matter what he lost.

As he got ready to leave, Quinn told him that he is not going anywhere. She let him know that she is going to tell Eric what he did and that he is going to pay for it.

Ridge promised her that he will catch her next time. Quinn poured herself a drink and told him that nobody knows anything about anyone -- a lesson she learned from a shrink.

"You are just like everyone else. You don't want me to have anything. You want me to know my place. You want me to me, oh love me, see how special I am. No... Those blinds are drawn. Nobody gets to see inside," she said.

"You want my father. You want our name, our money, our wanna take my mother's place," Ridge said.

When Quinn probed him, he confessed that he was gonna take a picture of them together and send it to his father to show how wrong he is about her. Quinn was appalled. Ridge couldn't care less who he hurts, even if it is himself. She pointed out that he is indeed the ultimate womanizer.

"Don't you sit there in judgement of me -- of who I am, where I come from, and what I've had to endure... Because you can go to hell Ridge Forrester, hell will have you because I won't! And now, you can go," she declared.

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