Be careful: spoilers on "Game of Thrones" season 7 will follow! A character who died in "Game of Thrones" season 6 will be back in next season of the show. How is that possible? There is only one possible explanation, and no, he won't be revived with red magic... Actually, he won't be revived at all.

The revenge for the Red Wedding isn't over yet

Every "GOT" fan remembers the scene in which Arya Stark slit Walder Frey's throat during "GOT" Season 6 finale. Although Arya already killed Walder Frey, Lothar Frey, and Black Walder, her revenge for the Red Wedding apparently isn't over.

"The North remembers" and Arya remembers very well what happened to her family.

Recently David Bradley's official résumé (Bradley is the actor who played Walder Frey) was updated to include his appearance in "GOT" Season 7. This information confirms what the well-known leaker "awayforthelads" revealed on Reddit a while ago: we will see Walder Frey again in the next season of the HBO's show. Well, let's say we will see his face again...

The Freys' massacre

During "GOT" Season 6 finale Arya Stark, disguising herself as a waitress with the face-wearing technique she learned in the House of Black and White, killed Walder Frey along with Lothar and Black Walder Rivers. According to what "awayforthelads" wrote on Reddit, Arya will use Walder's face to hold a banquet.

After having the women dismissed, she will poison a lot of Walder Frey's sons, probably delivering the hardest hit in House Frey's history.

We don't know in which episode the scene will take place, but Arya is totally going to go North in season 7; therefore we can speculate that the Freys' massacre will be shown in episode 1 or episode 2.

Shortly after that, Arya will leave the Twins and make a remarkable encounter (probably in the Riverlands): check our previous article for more spoilers on Arya's storyline in the next season of the show!

The new season of "Game of Thrones" is expected to premiere in Summer 2017, probably at the end of June.