Like every soap opera, "Days Of Our Lives" has good characters and villains. When Vincent Irizarry first appeared as Deimos Kiriakis, he seemed like a bad guy. However, he eventually seemed like he was trying to be a better man. Unfortunately, Deimos might be going back to his old ways and it might cause Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) to break off their engagement.

Deimos and Nicole's relationship

Nicole Walker was hesitant to get together with Deimos on "Days Of Our Lives." However, she couldn't resist the attraction and ended up falling hard for him.

She made it clear that she wanted a good man. In order to please her, Irizarry's character tried to be a better person. It worked for a little while, but now he is back to wanting revenge. This is a red flag and Nicole is concerned about it.

Is Chloe right about Deimos on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

The reason that Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) is keeping the secret about baby Holly is because of Deimos Kiriakis. She believes that he is evil and thinks that she is protecting the child. No matter how she justifies it to herself, what she is doing is wrong. Nicole deserves to know that she is Holly's biological mother. Fans have to wonder, though, is Chloe's instincts about Deimos accurate? Is he really a dangerous man and Nicole is too close to see it?

What will Nicole do about her fiance?

Even though Deimos and Nicole ended their conversation on a positive note, she is worried. When he called Nicole at the hospital, she decided not to answer. She told Chloe that she would call him later. The look on her face said it all. She is concerned about the man she is about to marry.

Chloe could force Nicole to choose between Deimos and baby Holly. However, he might cause Nicole to break things off if he doesn't get his temper under control.

A rushed marriage on 'DOOL'

Even though Nicole agreed to marry Deimos, "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers tease that fans might not see a big wedding. He will push her to elope so they can be husband and wife immediately.

Knowing how long it took Nicole to admit her feelings for him, this might push her away.

What do you think will happen with Deimos Kiriakis and Nicole Walker on "Days Of Our Lives?" Will his behavior cause her to break things off?