Nick Viall begins his dating adventures as "The Bachelor". He has already told us that he does find love this season. After sending eight women home on the first night, he is down to 22 women for episode 2. There will be four less when episode 2 is over, however.

Spoilers follow. If you don't want to know, don't continue to read!

Cheaper by the dozen?

The first date of the season is a large group date. Nick selects 12 women to accompany him to a Brides & Bridesmaids photo shoot. The women who dress as brides are Corinne, Danielle L., Brittany, Hailey, Sarah, Vanessa, Alexis, and Taylor.

The Bridesmaids are Elizabeth W., Raven, Jasmine, and Lacey.

The bride outfits are themes such as Biker Babe Bride, Beach Bride, Shotgun Wedding Bride, etc. Corrine is given the Beach Bride but really wanted the one that Brittany got. It consisted of leaves covering her bottom and no top. Corinne finds a way to compete, however, when she removes her top and places Nick's hands on her breasts. Of course, this tells us who is at the center of a lot of drama as the season progresses. Nick, however, is impressed and gives her the Group Date Rose.

Who got the one-on-one?

The one-on-one date was a private boat ride with Danielle Maltby. The two had a romantic afternoon and ended the night at the Balboa Fun Zone where they shared kisses on the Ferris Wheel.

She was given the date rose.

Another group date!

The final date this week will be with six women to a Museum of Broken Relationships. Nick invited Liz, Josephine, Astrid, Christen, Jaime, and Kristina. Each of the women act out a break up with Nick in front of the audience. This is where the preview shot comes from of Josephine slapping Nick.

According to Reality Steve, the break up with Liz and Nick is just as awkward as their conversation on the first night.

Apparently, at some point in the date, Liz confides in Christen that she has history with Nick. It isn't clear how much she tells but Christen uses her time alone with Nick to bring it up. Before the date ends, Nick pulls Liz aside and sends her home and Christen ends up with the date rose.

Rose Ceremony eliminations

Lacey Mark, Hailey Merkt, and Elizabeth Whitlaw. Liz Sandoz has already been sent home.