In the world of “Teen Wolf,” it rarely pays to be a human. And yet, for Stiles Stilinski, it’s always been more than enough.

On the eve of the midseason premiere, however, the tenuous bonds of humanity may prove too fragile for a boy armored in nothing more than sarcasm and wit. It’s time for Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) to choose once more – consummate human or teenage lycanthrope?

Scott to bite Stiles?

Scott (Tyler Posey) has a plan to save his BFF, but it’s one that relies on his Alpha status. Only the supernaturally gifted can pass through the Ghost Rider’s rift, and even then at great cost (unless you’re a hellhound, simply because Parish wields powers no one will ever truly understand, not even himself).

To pull Stiles back into the world of the living, Scott wants to turn his pal into a Beta.

“We’re kind of at act two in the 10 episodes, so it’s kind of everyone at their lowest point. What’s the most desperate thing that Scott could come up with [to save his friend]?” executive producer Joe Genier told AfterBuzzTV

Would Stiles survive the bite? If he did, would a newly turned werewolf even survive a trip through the rift? Those technical questions aside, does the budding cop even want to join the ranks of the supernatural? After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Stiles balked at the idea.

“I think it was season 1 where Stiles was actually offered this before by Peter and he refused it,” Genier teased.

Will he accept now? Will that happen?”

We now that there are three ways to access the rift – via the Ghost Riders, a hellhound, or through the sheer power of memory. With all these options, is turning Stiles actually necessary? Now that there are more members of the “Teen Wolf” cast inside Ghost Rider purgatory than in Beacon Hills, perhaps Scott doesn’t need to rescue Stiles in order for the latter to formulate a world-saving plan.

What’s next on “Teen Wolf”?

MTV will air season 6A’s penultimate episode on Jan. 24. Titled “Memory Found,” the hour will bookend the events of “Memory Lost.”

“While Liam and Theo act as decoys, Scott, Lydia, and Malia enact a desperate plan to try and remember Stiles,” MTV teased.

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