During the first half of season 7, "The Walking Dead" fans were introduced to a new community called Oceanside. Tara encountered them when she washed up on shore after getting separated from Heath. Many viewers wondered if Oceanside would be seen again and it has now been confirmed that they will return in the second half.

Oceanside's story

An entire episode was focused on Oceanside and their story was told. It turned out that the reason they reacted when Tara snuck in the community was for good reason. They don't like strangers and in the past, they fled their own home after the Saviors killed all the boys and men.

Now, they live in secret and won't take any chances. What Tara didn't realize at the time was that Negan and the Saviors were creating chaos and grief at Alexandria.

Communities will come together in season 7B

"The Walking Dead" fans already know that many communities will band together when the show returns to AMC. It was previously hinted that Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom might be two of them. It was recently revealed in the latest issue of "Entertainment Weekly" that Oceanside's story is not over and that they will be seen in the second half of season 7.

Oceanside teased by Scott M. Gimple

Scott M. Gimple teased that Oceanside will be one of the communities that will connect with others. He also revealed that there is "unfinished business." Does this have to do with the Saviors or are they angry with Tara for running away from her escorts, who were instructed to check out Alexandria?

It might be a little bit of both.

Will the community help battle Negan in 'The Walking Dead?'

Even though the community wants to remain hidden and live in secret, they also will want revenge. The Saviors came into their group and murdered all of the men and boys. Even though Negan's name was not mentioned, they will probably join in the fight since he is the leader of the Saviors.

What do you think is going to happen when "The Walking Dead" season 7B premieres on AMC? What kind of role will Oceanside play and will they help Alexandria defeat Negan?