Stile Stilinski’s time in Ghost Rider purgatory is coming to its midseason.

Teen Wolf” is gearing up for its last-ever midseason finale and, if episode titles are anything to go by, Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack will have a full roster heading into season 6A’s boss battle.

Teasers for “Teen Wolf” episodes 9 & 10

Snatched from the werewolf-ridden world of Beacon Hills during the season premiere, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) was dropped into the Riders’ equally supernaturally-infested way station as “Memory Lost” came to a close. Wiped from the minds and hearts of all who knew him, O’Brien’s character has drifted listlessly in the doldrums of transportation hell for long enough.

In elegant bookend symmetry that makes us swoon, it appears as if Stiles will make his way home in “Memory Found.” Set to air as episode 9, the penultimate hour will pave the way for this winter’s climactic showdown. Titled “Riders of the Storm,” the episode’s titular villains will hopefully meet their long awaited end.

Or not.

Considering how long the desiccated cowboys have haunted myth and legend, their permanent destruction seems beyond the reach of our heroes. Getting the soul-stealing Riders to move on from Beacon Hills might be all Scott and co. can hope for.

What’s next on “Teen Wolf”?

It’s time for Parrish (Ryan Kelley) to flame on once more. The Hell Hound has joined the hunt, and Scott’s quest to unravel the Ghost Rider mystery has the deputy looking extra crispy in promo photos for the Jan.

10 episode. Titled “Heartless,” episode 7 will bring Theo (Cody Christian) back into the fold as a tempestuous father-daughter team up looks for a way into enemy territory,

“Scott and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) make an attempt to capture a Ghost Rider,” MTV teased. “Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Peter (Ian Bohen) try to find a way into the Wild Hunt.”


17’s “Blitzkrieg” will follow “Heartless.” As per the title, episode 8 will pull back the curtain on a certain Nazi werewolf.

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