Alright, "Teen Wolf" fans. It's about to be on and crackin is this new episode 10 of season 6! We got a few spoilery details from our sources, and they indicate that some big, final showdown fight action is definitely going to happen. If that doesn't make it sound intense enough, they also say that the whole, freaking town of Beacon Hills is on the line. Say what? No way! Yes way! It's going down people. It's going down!

The town's fate is at stake

First, lets go ahead and give you a rundown of the title that they come up with for this one.

They're calling it: "Riders on the Storm." Ooh, it makes it sound really intriguing, doesn't it? I think it does. Anyways, in the episode, they're telling us that the whole town of Beacon Hills is really going to be in a sticky situation as they describe that it's entire fate is currently hanging in the balance. That means it could either get completely taken over to where it's never the same again, or just totally get destroyed to the point that it doesn't make sense to include it on like say, a map or something like that. So, yeah. They're in big, big trouble at the moment.

The big fight is going down

Next, we learn that a definite, final showdown is going to take place, and that it's going to involve Scott and his pack.

They tell us that they're going to have a huge face-off against Douglas. The winner of this fight, will determine whether or not Beacon Hills flourishes, gets totally obliterated, or just taken over, which ever one it turns out to be.

Beyond that, they didn't give out any extra details, so we're left wondering, who will win this huge battle?

What all will go down during it and what not? Hopefully, these questions should get answered in this episode unless this is the midseason finale. I haven't actually gotten confirmation on that yet, but it seems like it will be since we're halfway through MTV's 20 episode order. We'll definitely have confirmation of that by next week. Speaking of next week, it's confirmed that's when episode 10 will, indeed, be airing. So, mark down Tuesday night, January 31st, 2017 on your TV calendars, and stay tuned.