After President Donald Trump was sworn into office last Friday, one of the hot topics of discussion was over how many people were in the crowd to watch it happen. As expected, the Trump team dismissed the crowd size numbers reported by the press, with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway receiving the harshest criticism.

Conway clash

Within 24 hours after Donald Trump officially became the new commander in chief, the administration quickly bashed the media for how they reported on the inauguration. With a crowd of around 200,000, the number was far less than what the billionaire real estate mogul had predicted, especially when compared to the 1.2 million who came out to see President Obama in January 2009.

On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway appeared on "Meet the Press" on NBC and got into a heated exchange with host Chuck Todd, while using the term "alternative facts" to describe the administration's talking point on the issue. After backlash from her remarks, Conway lashed out on Twitter, as seen on January 23.

"Watch entire clip!," Kellyanne Conway wrote on her Twitter account, before adding, "No defense 4 press lies about MLK Jr. bust; actual facts about women in poverty, w/ no health care, failing schools." During the interview, Conway continued to deflect away from Todd's question about why Donald Trump and his team were disputing factual crowd numbers.

For the entire interview, Conway never answered the question, and at one point, told Todd that the administration might have to "reconsider" their relationship with the media.

Trolled on Twitter

Hours after the aforementioned interview took place, the term "alternative facts" was trending on Twitter. Social media users, as well as many Hollywood celebrities, mocked Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway, while also using Sean Spicer as the butt of many jokes.

Next up

It's been only a few days since Inauguration Day, but Donald Trump appears to have gotten off on the wrong foot. Over the weekend, over two million protesters took part in various demonstrations against the new president around the country, including more than 500,000 participating in the Women's March in the nation's capital.