The reboot of the 1983 movie "Scarface" is happening. According to Latina magazine on January 27, 2017, Sofia Vergara is all set to "go Cuban" when she plays the role of Gina Montana in the "Scarface" reboot movie. The original "Scarface" tells the story of a Cuban refugee and his plight to success as the biggest drug lord in Miami.

Sofia Vergara and her role of a lifetime

Universal Studios has announced that, finally, 32 years after its release, the 1983 "Scarface" will finally get its reboot, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Sofia Vergara. Vergara is most known for her Columbian character, Gloria Pritchett, on the television series, "Modern Family." Others may know her as the wife of "True Blood" and "Magic Mike: XXL" favorite, Joe Manganiello.

With the remake of "Scarface," Sofia will take on the role, last played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Leonardo DiCaprio with one more hit under his belt

Leonard DiCaprio will take on the role of Cuban refugee, Tony Montana. In the Universal Studio's press release, it was stated that the studio had been planning a remake since 2002, but they were having a hard time finding a leading role. The person they wanted was going to have to live up to the stellar, iconic performance given by Al Pacino.

We know that the 1983 "Scarface" was a huge hit and Al Pacino became much more of a household name. Al Pacino has gone on to make 56 movies, including the "Godfather" series. Pacino shows no signs of slowing down in his movie career.

The most notable line in "Scarface," is "Say hello to my little friend," giving Pacino one of the most iconic and memorable lines of his lifetime.

Casting the reboot was hard, according to the original movie director, Brian DePalma. "This project has been on the drawing board for almost 15 years," he stated. There was also a point when DePalma was ready to scratch the project and walk away until he saw DiCaprio in "The Wolf on Wall Street." DePalma changed his mind and knew then he had to get Leonardo to play Tony Montana.

New setting for the film

The reboot's latest director to take on the project, Pablo Larrain, was in agreeance. The new "Scarface" will not be set in the 1930s or the 1980s, but instead in the 2000s. There are going to be other differences like the use of cell phones, computers, and other technology since that was not available in the 80's like it is now.

While he feels the fans of the original will love what the directors are doing, they hope new fans will feel the same. Other notable changes include an interesting twist; the story will take place in Los Angeles instead of Miami, following the life of a Mexican immigrant and his rise in the criminal underworld as he fulfills his goals of living the American Dream.

Two-time Oscar nominee, Paul Attanasio, wrote the current draft of the screenplay. Attanasio is best known for the movie "Donnie Brasco." As if the technological differences and city differences weren't enough, the lead character may not actually be titled Montana like the 1983 movie and it sure won't be Camonte from the 1932 version. Instead, the screenwriter and directors are checking the popularity rank for different last names.

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