This year's list includes three new nominees, a two-time nominee, and a veteran with two Oscars to his credit. Now let’s take a look at the five fellows up for Best Actor in a Leading Role and their odds of taking home an Oscar:

Casey Affleck: 'Manchester by the Sea'

As janitor Lee Chandler, Affleck gives an emotional performance as a man dealing with tragedy he caused, and showing that the pain from loss never truly goes away. Affleck has amassed a string of excellent roles in the last few years and this one should put him in the winner’s circle.

Odds: Even.

Andrew Garfield: 'Hacksaw Ridge'

This former Spider-man has grown quite a bit as an actor. As conscientious objector and Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss, Garfield give a measured performance that shows both Doss’ conviction not to kill, and his incredible bravery under fire. If he keeps getting roles like this he’ll take home a golden statuette soon.

Odds: 3 - 1.

Denzel Washington: 'Fences'

Yet another piece of effortless excellence by Denzel Washington as Langston Hughes protagonist Troy Maxson in "Fences." It is pure pleasure to watch him and Viola Davis work. He already has two Oscars, though, and the Academy has had a thing for awarding new blood in the last few years.

Odds: 3 - 1.

Ryan Gosling: 'La La Land'

Major props to Mr. Gosling for learning to play piano, and doing all his own singing and dancing as the jazz musician Sebastian looking to open his own club and woo Emma Stone in "La La Land." However, the airy performances of both Gosling and Stone lack gravitas, meaning "La La Land" will probably win everything but acting awards.

Odds: 5 - 1.

Viggo Mortensen: 'Captain Fantastic'

As a widower forced to leave an idyllic life to raise his children in the real world, Mortensen delivers another powerful and layered performance. Lack of viewership for this movie seriously hurts his chances, however. Mortensen's most iconic role to date is that of Aragorn in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, however, he was never nominated for that role.

Odds: 7 - 1.