In August 2016, while at MTV's VMA, Aubrey Graham openly declared to Robyn Fenty and the entire world that he had always loved her. But fast forward a few months later to January 2017, when her ex-boyfriend was seen snuggling with Jennifer Lopez in public. The rapper was said to have also dissed the Barbadian beauty New Year's performance.

However, Rhi-Rhi whom Drake had recently declared he was completely in love with was more concerned with J- Lo, her close friend.

Drake 30, dating 47-year-old Jennifer Lopez?

Sources close to the singer stated that she is very pissed at Jennifer Lopez her friend of many years.

In fact, Jennifer was the one who lends Rihanna her shoulder to cry on during her shaky relationship with Drake. A close friend revealed that the singer was extremely hurt because she did not expect the Latina beauty to be making out with her Ex-beau.

Rhi-Rhi unfollow J-Lo - Still follow Drake on Instagram

Social media lit up when the Barbadian beauty made her feelings publicly known when she unfollowed Jennifer on Instagram after the 47- year-old Latina posted a picture of her cuddling up with Drake. However, Rhi-Rhi is still following Aubrey who had also shared the identical photo on his Instagram page.

Hollywood Life had reached out to get a response from the singer, however, she declined the request.

But a close source divulged that the 'Umbrella Singer' is distraught about the new couple's relationship. She is especially bitter with Jennifer Lopez, whom she considered a mentor and her close confidant.

The unexpected turn of the event came as a shock to Rihanna because she had never expected the betrayal from singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.

How long have J-lo and Drake been dating?

The Drake and Rihanna equation had been rough for some time - especially since the couple called it quits about two months ago. Several people close to the ex-lovers revealed that the rapper had been very nasty to her since their split. It was reported that while Drake was performing at the Hakkasan nightclub a fan requested him to sing their hit single 'Work', which he refused, and said he would rather sing something different. J-Lo was also there during his performance but later left with the rapper through the club's backdoor.