Alright, so we've got five, new spoiler scoops for the upcoming "young and the restless" Friday, January 6th,2017 episode for you guys, and they sound quite interesting as some boundaries get set for Billy by Victoria at some point. Hilary catches some warning heat from Neil about being deceptive! An update about Devon's condition, gets delivered to Mariah, and more. We've got TV Guide and to thank for these reveals.

Billy gets told to watch his step

I'll go ahead and start with the situation that will be going on with Billy and Victoria.

It turns out that he has gone a little too far with her as it's described that she's going to set up some boundaries with him at some point. So, it'll be interesting to see if he actually honors those boundaries or not in the upcoming episodes.

Neil calls her out

Next, we learn that Hilary's deception is going to get so bad that Neil is going to feel the need to issue her a serious warning about it. I've also got some details about this from the people, saying that this exchange of words, will actually result in a pretty heavy argument, so it'll be interesting to see what level of drama this particular storyline will present. Will Hilary heed his warnings and cut out all the deception?

I imagine that we'll certainly be finding out after this whole scene.

She's going to get some advantage

In this next reveal, we find out that Gloria ,apparently, has a real big and significant secret that she's been holding onto, because they explain that she's going to use it to give her some sort of advantage at some point.

According to our soapcentral sources, this big secret has to do with something she found out in regards to Lauren, so that's very intriguing. Apparently, Lauren's been keeping a secret too, and Gloria is going to find out about it.

She'll need to come up with some answers

Speaking of Lauren and Gloria, that's what our next reveal is all about as well.

It turns out that we'll see a scene, take place, that involves these two. Lauren is going to catch a whole bunch of question heat from her. This sounds like this will possibly be the time that Gloria discovers her big secret. We'll have to see to be sure, though. Whatever the case, it sounds like we'll get some entertaining footage from this plotline.

Important Devon intel

In our last scoop of the day, we've got Mariah, getting the most recent update to how Devon is doing after his very serious accident. The extremely important intel will be coming from Lily. What will the updates be? Will it be good or sad news? It's definitely going to bo interesting to see what they are. Stay tuned.