Hey, "Young and The Restless" fans. It's a brand new week, which means there are brand new spoilers to cover. In today's session, I'll be going over a couple of new storyline scoops for the upcoming January 17th,2017 episode. They sound very serious and intriguing as a goon points a gun at Dylan at some point! We have Sharon, making a mistake that causes great danger, and more!

Things turn quite violent

Lets go ahead and get things started with Dylan's situation. Apparently, he's going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe this was pre-planned.

Who knows? What we do know, is he's going to get held up at gunpoint by a dangerous goon during this scene. The big question is: why is he getting held up? Is it a robbery attempt? Will he get out of this situation with no harm? It's definitely going to be very interesting to find out.

An interesting meet up

Next, we have a couple of mentions in regards to Nick and Chelsea, because it turns out that he is going to be wanting to get closer to her at some point. Then there's going to be a situation, take place, where they have a meeting and things are really awkward between the two of them. However, Nick will end up doing something that will help break the ice, so to speak. Also, we have intel from Soapcentral, telling us that there will be some sort of misread intentions between the two of them that will lead to this so-called awkward moment.

I guess the ice-breaking moment will make things better. The question is: how much progress will they make in this new meeting? Will Nick be able to get close to her like he wants? That'll be interesting to see.

She goes too far with this one

In this next teaser, we have Sharon, doing something very bad as the Soaps.com folks are telling us that she is going to make a very dangerous mistake!

And then another source, says she's going to totally fly off the rails, so it sounds like her current situation is going to get very intense. Will these mistakes be life threatening? Or will she be able to make it through this rough patch? These are some questions that will definitely need to be answered.

Oh, and there's another situation that goes down with Sharon.

This time, it involves Kevin. Apparently, he's going to think that there is no way in hell that he can help her as that's exactly what he's going to tell her. So, it sounds like she's really fell on some hard times, and is on a very dark path.

Victor wants family time

Lastly, we learn that we're going to see Victor being quite busy, because he'll be trying to get the whole family to have a big get-together at the top of the tower. Why does he want this big meeting? What will go down up there? Those are two questions that immediately come to my mind. Hopefully, they'll get answered in this episode. Stay tuned.