Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. Welcome to a brand new Monday! We've got the Tuesday, January 17th,2017 episode spoilers all queued up for you, and they sound extremely intriguing as we're going to see Ridge get a chance to see Quinn exhibit a much softer side of herself at some point. Then Thomas will end up, sharing some very bad news in regards to his personal life!

Awful personal problems

We only got these two storyline reveals from TV Guide, because the show only last for about 25 minutes when you factor in commercials. Any other spoilers would probably give the entire show away.

Anyways, lets go over what we can tell you. We'll start things off with this pretty awful-sounding Thomas situation. Apparently, at some point, we're going to see him pull Steffy to the side to have a very serious conversation with her about some of the things that are going on in his personal life.

We don't know if this is initially his intent. We just know that it does end up going there. When it does go there, he will share some things that don't sound good ,at all, as they describe that the news he shares with her, is "heartbreaking!" Oh no! What could this terrible news be? Will it be something he will be able to overcome? Will Steffy offer some help or assistance? These are some burning questions that I think will need to be answered in regards to this situation.

It'll certainly be interesting to watch.

A closer look inside

Alright, so in this last reveal, we've got some real interesting stuff that goes down with Ridge and Quinn. Apparently, he's going to get to see Quinn show a softer side of herself at some point. Unfortunately, they don't reveal if this is a direct interaction with Quinn, or if this is something the he'll be eavesdropping on, so that'll be an interesting question for this situation.

Anyways, the synopsis entail goes on to state that "softer side" that they describe, will actually give Ridge a better understanding of how she ticks, so to speak. Her inner workings. What will Ridge do with this new intel? Will he try to continue to get her ousted from the family? Those will be some big questions to add to this scenario. Stay tuned.