Hey, "Young And The Restless" folks. We're back at you ,today, to serve up the spoiler skinny for tomorrow's Thursday January 12th, 2017 episode. We were able to dig up six storyline scoops from our trusty Soaps.com source. For some reason TV Guide's folks got lazy this week and didn't even post anything. Anyway's, it sounds like we're going to see some pretty intense and very interesting stuff take place as Jack shows up with a big surprise for Gloria while Michael is around. Alex discovers something in Dylan's room, and more.

Kevin has to do it

Lets go ahead and start the January 12th reveals off with some of the Gloria teasers that I'm seeing here. It turns out that we're going to see Kevin be put into a position where he's just forced to have to give Gloria some assistance with whatever she's currently up to. There's no other details about what he'll have to help her out with, but they make it sound like he will definitely be apprehensive about it.

She gets a surprise

Next, Gloria shows up in another situation. This time, Michael and Jack are thrown into her mix. Apparently, she's going to be with Michael, and Jack will show up out of the blue to startle her. I mean, that's the way they make it sound, anyways. How startled will she be?

And will things be ok after the big shocker? I guess those will be the desired questions for this situation. Hopefully, they'll get answered right away.

It's been located

In these next two reveals, we have Dylan being the main subject. Apparently, at some point, something is going to get discovered in his room, and whatever this is, Alex is going to be the one that finds it.

What could this big, mysterious thing be? Who will it effect? Those are some definite questions for this scenario.

They're really worried for him

Next, we're going to see some major concerns get raised for Dylan by Kevin, Paul and Christine. They didn't mention why they are so concerned, but I wonder if it has to do with what is found in his room.

It certainly sounds like that could be some sort of tie-in to this situation. Some other spoilers for the week, mention that he's on a big mission ,and that it could get sabotaged. So, maybe that has a lot to do with why these folks are so worried about him, right now. Whatever the case, Dylan has a lot of people concerned for him.

How intense will this get

In this next teaser, it sounds like we might have a big face-off scene on our hands as they describe that Nick is going to face Sharon at some point. We couldn't find any elaboration on this particular scene, so we don't know if this is like a heated meeting between the two of them, or if they are just going to have a friendly chit chat. Whatever, the case, expect to see these two interact in a scene tomorrow.

Fenmore's could have a problem

Then to cap off everything, we've got one final teaser for this one. It involves Lauren. Apparently, she is going to have reason to believe that the Fenmore's could be in quite a bit of danger, because she thinks that someone is out to sabotage them in some way. Wow! Is Lauren right about this? If so, will she do anything to warn them? Those are but a couple of intriguing questions for this final plot teaser. Stay tuned.