Hey everyone. How's Wednesday shaking out for you? Good I hope. Well, Wednesday means it's time for the big Thursday "Bold And The Beautiful" January 12th, 2017 spoiler teasers. We got two, fresh storyline scoops from our trusty TV Guide peeps. They sound really intriguing as we find out that Eric is going to, without knowing, hand over to Ridge a huge option to get back at Quinn! In the meantime, we've got Steffy, still the head honcho at Forrester when Thomas returns.

He learns that Steffy is the one to kneel to

Alright, so lets begin these Thursday January 12th scoops with Thomas' big return.

Apparently, he's been away in the big apple, New York, but is going to finally show back up on the Forrester Creations scene, and find out that Steffy is the CEO, also meaning that she's his freaking boss.

And from what I understand in a future spoiler, he's definitely going to express to Eric his displeasure in this decision, claiming that he should've been considered for the head honcho position. This set up sounds like it could be a very frictional working relationship between the Thomas and Steffy. I guess the question is: will Thomas be able to ever get past this and just accept that she's his new boss, Or will he continue to raise hell about it? I can't wait to see the answers to these burning questions.

His time has finally arrived

Then last, but most certainly not least, we've got this little, lonely scoop that's packed with an extremely intriguing description, because we find out that, at some point, Eric is going to, somehow unknowingly, give Ridge the opportunity he's been yearning to explore. And they describe this so-called chance as being a way to get some sweet revenge ,carried out on Quinn!

Wow! What could this big opportunity be? And will Ridge be able to successfully pull it off? Our inquiring minds definitely want to know. So, yeah. Definitely look for that huge twist to go down in tomorrow's presentation.

In conclusion, if you want to possibly find out more intel about this episode ahead of its air date, hop on over to the show's official Youtube page later on today, and check to see if they've dropped a new promo clip for it. They usually have them up in the evenings, so it's worth a shot. Stay tuned.