Hey, "The Affair" fans. It is now that time to fill you guys in on what the very last episode 10 of the current season 3 will have in store for you. We got about two interesting storyline spoilers from Showtime on this one, and they have Noah, getting the opportunity to heal a broken relationship. Meanwhile, Noah will be offering Juliette a little break from all her problems that she's experiencing back at the house.

The offer is his to take

Of course, they've labeled this episode: "10" as in episode 10. Hey, it's a nice way to keep things simple, right?

You can't argue that. Anyways, lets get into this synopsis. In turns out that we're going to see a chance encounter offering, get thrown in Noah's direction at some point. They go on to explain that this opportunity is going to give him the chance to possibly heal a relationship that really needs some extreme repair done to it. They didn't indicate which relationship that Noah will be trying to repair, or if he'll actually be successful with his attempt. All we know, is that he's going to give it a shot, so it'll certainly be intriguing to how this situation will plays out.

She gets a break

Lastly, we have the second plotline teaser, which indicates that Julie is experiencing a lot of unpleasant realities in her current home.

In other words, things are really bad for her right now, and apparently Noah's visit to Paris, is going to facilitate a distraction for her to get her mind off of all her freaking problems, so I guess that sounds like a good thing for her at the moment. They didn't go into how much time that Noah will actually spend with Juliette, or what they'll end up doing, so those are some questions that we look forward to seeing get answered.

Ok, so that will wrap up all the spoiler scoops that we have for the big finale episode, but definitely keep an eye out for the new spoiler clips that the show's official Youtube channel will be dropping for it ,later on tonight, after episode 9 hits the airwaves. We'll also try to get them posted here as well. One last thing. We can confirm episode 10 is set to air next Sunday night, January 29th, 2017 at 10pm eastern standard time. Stay tuned.