Hey, "scorpion" peeps. Yep, it's unfortunately true. It looks like there's another break in the cards for your favorite show, next Monday night, January 9th, and since CBS never dropped the new press release, we don't have the new episode 13 of season 3 spoilers at the moment. This is not going to be a long break, so CBS could deliver the official press release any day. We're not sure why they decided to pull another pause on us. We just know that it's happening ,and you'll want to make note of that.

Get ready for "White Out," or not

Apparently, next week, the network is going to give us another "Scorpion" rerun in its coveted 9pm central time slot.

The rerun is actually going to be the 13th episode from season 2, called "White Out." It's kind of interesting that they decided to choose the exact 13th episode to replace the one that falls on the same number of this season. Anyways, the bottom line, is it'll most likely be one that most of you guys have seen before, so you'll probably want to start making other plans, right now.

What a title this one will have

While we don't have a synopsis yet, we do have a title for the next, new episode. They decided to go with the name: "Faux Money Maux Problems." It's certainly a very interesting-sounding title. One bright note that we could see ,tonight, is a new promo/spoiler clip for the next episode.

They usually air them right after the current one ends, so you might definitely want to look out for that, because it will more than likely deliver quite a few, new details which should curb your spoiler appetite until we get those written ones in.

It'll be here on the 16th

Oh crap. I almost forgot that I need to tell you when the new, 13th episode is set to air.

It's going to hit the airwaves in exactly two weeks from today, which lands on, lets see here, Monday night, January 16th, 2017 at 9pm central time, so be sure to jot that date down on something important like a $100 bill or something. You'll never forget it then.

Four straight weeks of new stuff

Also, from that point on, at least until February 6th that we know of, we'll be seeing all-new episodes without anymore breaks or delays, so get ready for those.

I tried to see if there was any casting call spoilers I could reveal, but there doesn't seem to be anything on the new "Faux Money Maux Problems" installment, so we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for now. Stay tuned.