Hey, "Scorpion" peeps. I've got some extra details to give you guys on the upcoming episode 12 of season 3, via a whopping 4, new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) that the official channel released not too long ago. It was like maybe a day or something. Anyways, we see some funny stuff and not so funny stuff as the crew gives Cabe a hard time about his less-than-desired flirting skills, and also tries to keep him from dying, and more.

Suspense is on the high

In the first clip, we just get a general preview/promo of the main scenarios that are going to take place in the episode.

We see that a heavy explosion goes down while the crew is gathered around a car, but Cabe definitely isn't ok as he's spotted with a piece of medal that has punctured his abdominal region, and he's pretty much bleeding to death as he falls to the ground!

What makes things even worse, is that it's revealed that they are miles away from any nearby help, because they are on some mission out in the middle of the freaking desert! Next, we see Walter, coming up with an idea to temporarily kill him by putting him in suspended animation. The clip gets even more intense as it comes to an end, because Cabe is spotted, fighting for his life, and Sylvester is seen, saying that he could very well die if they're wild plan doesn't work!

Oh no!

They seem to have it under control

In the sneak peek 1 clip, the crew reveals that they have everything ready to successfully pull off another one of their elaborate plans to make sure the interstate water way is running smoothly. We also get a moment where Toby doesn't like the new brand of donuts. Happy shows how good she is at building stuff ,again, and she's not shy about it.

Walter caps it off by explaining how much they are all replaceable.

Missing the lady signals

In the 2nd sneak peek, Cabe is spotted, getting a visit from a very attractive female, but unfortunately, he completely fails to miss the signals she put out that he should've asked her out on a date. Afterward the lovely lady leaves, Toby, Happy and Paige all make sure that he knows it by telling him how awful he is with girls.

It's pretty funny stuff.

Deadly flying debris

Lastly, we've got the 3rd sneak peek. This is where the very tragic stuff happens. When Sylvester shuts off that damn death machine, they discover that a piece of copper has flown off, and is missing. However, they quickly find it inside of Cabe's freaking stomach! So, they of course, must rush to save his freaking life. It look extremely wild. Be sure to check em out below, and stay tuned.